First of all, thanks for everything and be welcome, we are:

Sara Díez, OSTEOPATH and MASSAGIST, and José Félix Matellanes, ACUPUNCTURIST  and MASSAGIST.

We are looking forward to helping you, that´s because it´s our job but our vocation too. ULTREIA is the consequence of years of hardworking and the mixture of two different ways to see our body and it´s healing: OSTEOPATHY and ACUPUNCTURE.

The matter that made us different is that we reach for the root of the body imbalance.


We don´t try to hide the symptoms, we look for the main trouble and after that we made the  body to work in the right way and to do the things that have to be done.

We have especial treatments for Pilgrims on the Road to Santiago, those treatments relieves them of their pains and relax their muscles to reach the end of the road.



Somos centro autorizado de la zona norte de:

Plaza  Alonso Martínez, 1 Bajo interior. 09003  BURGOS


M. 653 14 17 61 - 675 28 29 44


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Body happiness is based on health, understanding in the know. Thales of Miletus